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Fuel industry has a more complicated structure compared to other industries. The complexities inherent in this line of business stem from the following factors:

  • Zoning restrictions regarding gas stations
  • Non-Sanitary Establishment License
  • Dealer-Distributor Contract
  • Gas Station
  • Competition Authority Decisions
  • Energy Market Regulatory Authority License

Changes to occur with respect to each and every one of these elements have an impact on the value of the gas station.

Thanks to this complicated structure, the owners and potential lessees of gas stations and fuel distributors require up to date and accurate information. An in-depth knowledge on the industry, experience and a professional staff is required to create assessments or feasibility reports based on realistic data.

IGD provides all its customers comprehensive consulting and valuation services. In order to prepare well-documented valuation reports supported by a wide perspective and experience, we, at IGD, work together with experts from the industry.

We are professionals in the gas industry, and experienced on matters requiring analysis and competence.

Experienced valuers of IGD are certified by American Appraisal Institute, with “Apprasing Convenience Stores Program Certificate”.

We follow the developments in the gas industry and latest economic trends closely, as your consulting and valuation partners. Investors, distributors, lessees aware of the intricacies of the industry are supported by our expertise, while newcomers intending to invest in the business benefit from our experience.

The services we provide with respect to gas industry are:

  • Investment feasibility study for gas stations,
  • Gas station zoned plot valuation,
  • Valuation of gas stations – Ongoing concern value,
  • Beneficial ownership valuation of gas station,
  • Lease contract consulting for gas stations,
  • Lease value appraisal for gas stations,

We specialize in the following fields:

  • Gas Station Investment Feasibility
  • Gas Station Valuation
  • Ongoing Concern Valuation of Gas Stations
  • Beneficial Ownership Valuation
  • Lease Value Appraisals for Gas Stations
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