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With respect to property damage valuation, we determine the extent and scope of the damage and loss of revenue incurred by the customer. We provide property damage and depreciation valuation reports

Istanbul Real Estate Valuation and Consulting provides damage and revenue loss calculations for insurance companies and individuals, and detailed reports on the expenses regarding the indemnification for the violated rights.

Property Damage and Depreciation Valuation Service

Istanbul Real Estate Valuation and Consulting will provide the documentation required to ensure the applicable level of coverage required to protect the property. This would ensure that the customers pay for an insurance premium related to the required insurance level, rather than disproportionate sums. The information would accelerate the payment by the relevant insurer in case of any claims regarding a policy. In case of any disputes with an insurance company with respect to the total insurance payments or in case of damages incurred on the insured property, an independent valuation of the property is the best recourse to solve the dispute.

Property Damage and Depreciation Valuation

Annual update of the insurance coverage is recommended for inflationary adjustment regarding replacement cost of the basic capital cost items. Istanbul Real Estate Valuation and Consulting provides the following services with respect to property damage inspection:

  • Damage valuation
  • Loss valuation
  • Depreciation valuation
  • Value loss valuation
  • Repair valuation
  • Valuation in case of fire
  • Valuation of the consequences of fire
  • Valuation of water damages
  • Valuation in case of an accident
  • Valuation in case of a work related accident
  • Valuation regarding natural threats
  • Valuation in case of sequestration of property through court order
  • Valuation of damage certificate
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