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Turkey is the biggest economy of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Black Sea Basin, the Caspian Sea Basin and Middle East. It is definitely one of the most promising emerging economies in the world. Turkey’s economic expansion, attractive investment climate and maturing real estate market build a strong foundation for institutional investment

“MINT” Trends on the Turkish Property Market

Turkey together with Mexico, Nigeria and Indonesia share the same status of so called “mint” economies. In other words, Turkey is being one of those emerging and young economies that continue growing in spite of not always favourable political and financial climate. That happens mostly due to the continuing growth of the national economy. Economic growth, in turn, boosts employ-
ment, particularly in the construction sector, where demand for building workers continues to rise in line with demand for new construction projects.

Istanbul Valuation and bulwiengesa on high integrity and openness for Real Estate

Istanbul Valuation and Bulwiengesa combine the dedication to comprehensive and sustainable analyses in the real estate industry with an in-depth market knowledge of all property types in various regional submarkets across Europe. Istanbul Valuation has executed over 50,000 valuations for the real estate industry in Turkey. bulwiengesa has conducted more than 5,000 appraisals in over 1,000 cities across Europe. The companies clients include banks, investors, project developers, municipalities.

Starting from 2012, Istanbul Valuation and bulwiengesa offer joint assistance to consult companies with investment interests in Turkey.

Istanbul Valuation goes RIWIS, RIWIS goes Turkey

Istanbul Valuation and bulwiengesa bundle their methodical and analytical competence in the Research and Analysis Tool RIWIS Turkey. RIWIS translates as a regional real estate information system. It provides real estate relevant market data necessary to conduct pan-european comparisons of real estate markets and allows quantitative evaluations of regions and cities. Since 1996 RIWIS has been used by banks, investors, project developers and municipalities to analyse real estate markets in over 200 cities in Europe.
From 2012 RIWIS Europe was expanded by the expertise and local market knowledge from Istanbul Valuation.

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