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In a real estate market that continuously expands in diversity, professional real estate valuation services is indispensable for decision-makers. IGD intends to support the collateral or investment related decisions of credit agencies, companies and institutional investors through a high level of service standards.

Today, Turkey’s important firms, leading banks and financial institutions prefer working with IGD thanks to its careful, responsible and ethical perspective.

We specialize in the valuation of complex private projects including various assets such as facilities and machinery, in addition to land, residences, offices, stores, factories, hotels, gas stations and ports.

We have created an effective network of 100 experienced valuers in 68 provinces throughout the country. Our team composed of experts in various fields provides high-quality valuation services thanks to an extensive knowledge set on the local market.

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers and to produce special reports and solutions, we specialize in the following fields:

  • Real estate valuation
  • Commercial property valuation
  • Mortgage valuation
  • Valuation for financial reporting
  • Real estate development
  • Insurance valuation
  • Machinery and equipment valuation
  • Portfolio valuation
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Ghassan Khan
Ghassan Khan
4 yıl önce

I am looking to purchase property in Istanbul and wanted to engage a property valuation firm to help me get an independent valuation of prospective properties that are being proposed.

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