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Responsibility and loyalty lies at the heart of our services.

Preparation of a comprehensive and understandable valuation report, which is also based on strong foundations, is a must for the preliminary studies of our customers. At IGD, we provide services with due diligence and responsibility and within the framework of our ethical principles, preparing a strong and sensible valuation report, through an understanding of valuation and consulting needs of our customers.


Our valuers are focused on the task of determining the value of the property, subject to high standards of work and quality, taking into consideration all factors affecting the value of the assets of our customers. Careful studies carried out by professional valuers are vital for a valuation report based on solid grounds.


Equipped with the necessary technical infrastructure, our valuers at all times act conscious of the ever present framework of responsibility as dictated by their job. Each valuer is focused on getting a grasp of the elements affecting the value of the assets from an autonomous perspective.


Our whole team of valuers always acts with reference to ethical principles. The fundamental tenet of our work is to avoid any conflicts of interest and/or acts or circumstances leading to an omission of professional obligations.

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