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Urban renewal and urban transformation works in Istanbul take an ever growing part of the agenda of governments, private property owners, development companies and investors.

Carrying out of renewal objectives practical policies, strategies and solutions, IGD contributes to the success of urban renewal projects.

Urban renewal for a multiplicity of uses is a phenomenon observed at various stages and on a range of projects covering individual buildings to urban planning. Our team of engineers, architects, urban planners and finance professionals prepare high-quality feasibility reports thanks to a command of market dynamics.

Urban Regeneration and Renewal Consultancy

The services provided by our team of professionals cover:

  • Nationalization,
  • Zoning consulting,
  • Market research,
  • Planning consulting,
  • Plant and equipment valuation,
  • Project management strategy,
  • Property management strategies, and
  • Visibility studies.

A perspective of sustainability with respect to social and economic picture guides all activities of IGD. In all our projects, we prioritize our responsibility towards the public and the environment.

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