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Hotel valuation reports are prepared for the purchase or sale of real estate, or for official book records in terms of accounting.

Valuation of tourist facilities are inherently distinct from the rest of the real estate valuation activities. IGD, thanks to its hotel consultantsreal estate valuation experts and accountants, guarantees to provide reliable, comprehensive and detailed “Hotel Valuation Reports”.

While providing valuation services, IGD employs the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method and Income Capitalization Approach Method in accordance with International Valuation Standards (IVS) and hotel valuation services.

Experienced valuers of IGD are certified by American Appraisal Institute, with “Hotel Valuation Training Certificate”.

As a labor intensive industry, tourism entered on a course of rapid expansion and growth in the global scale from 1950s on, as is the case with all service industries. Yet, the Market is one of continuous change. Changing market and regional transformations can cause fluctuations in the value of tourism facilities.

This is why the owners of tourist facilities and potential buyers are keen on having access to the most up to date and accurate information regarding new property investments. An in-depth knowledge on the industry, experience and a professional staff is required to create assessments or feasibility reports based on realistic data.

Istanbul Valuation provides all its customers comprehensive consulting and valuation services. In order to prepare well-documented valuation reports supported by a wide perspective and experience, we, at Istanbul Valuation, work together with experts from the industry.

We are experts on the standards of tourism industry, and experienced on matters requiring analysis and competence.

We follow the developments in the tourism market and latest economic trends closely, as your consulting and valuation partners. Investors and operators aware of the intricacies of the industry are supported by our expertise, while newcomers intending to invest in the business benefit from our experience.
The services we provide with respect to tourism industry are:

  • Feasibility studies on the return on investment and revenues,
  • Valuation of hotel management and franchise companies,
  • Valuation of tourist facilities,
  • Valuation, market value estimates, investment value estimates and share valuation,
  • Development consulting and project management,
  • Physical operation valuation,
  • Franchise assessment and selection,
  • Financial loss estimates,
  • Market analysis and marketing / promotion strategies,
  • Lease contract consulting.
  • Valuation, market value estimations, investment value estimations and share valuation

Experienced valuers of IGD are certified by American Appraisal Institute, with “Small Hotel / Motel Valuation Program Certificate”.

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