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The mission of IGD is to support unconditional customer satisfaction, to achieve continued confidence in IGD with respect to the services provided, and to become the leading firm among the real estate valuation and consulting firms, by providing the best service.


  • Prioritization of customer satisfaction,
  • Achieving the objectives effectively and in an affordable manner, while observing the legal and technical regulations regarding the service provided,
  • Continuously monitoring the demands and expectations of the customers and markets,
  • Providing continuous quality, speed and confidence with respect to services,
  • Becoming a model valuation company by leading fellow members of the profession,
  • Becoming the organization providing the best service in the line of business, with a focus on objectivity and reliability,
  • Achieving ever-present employee satisfaction in an active work environment, supporting continuous development of the skills and knowledge set of the employees, our most important resource,
  • Complying with the requirements of the quality management system, improving and developing it continuously with a view to meeting the needs and expectations of customers.
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