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Ongoing concern valuation of gas station reports are prepared for the purchase or sale of real estate, or for official book records in terms of accounting, guiding financial institutions about the value of the operation.

Valuation of gas stations is inherently distinct from the customary real estate valuation activities. “Ongoing Concern Value” represents the market value to serve as the basis of the change of ownership of the gas stationOngoing Concern Value is calculated on the basis of the “commercial potential” of the operation, in addition to the value of the land, building, and installations/fixtures of the station.

IGD, thanks to its fuel industry consultants, real estate valuation experts and accountants, guarantees to provide reliable, comprehensive and detailed on ongoing concern valuation of gas station report.

Ongoing Concern Valuation of Gas Station and DCF

While providing valuation services, IGD employs the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method and Income Capitalisation Approach in accordance with International Valuation Standards (IVS) and gas station valuation services.

We are professionals in the gas station industry, and experienced on matters requiring analysis and competence.

Experienced valuation professionals of IGD are certified by American Appraisal Institute, with “Appraising Convenience Stores Program Certificate”.

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